Custom Art Installation

Category: Macro Photography
Date: 05-10-2015

Services: Photography | Custom Artwork

Diego is an extremely talented artist who approaches his work from a highly creative direction but also takes into account the practical application when he is involved in a commission work such as the one pictured above. In our case, Diego helped us to create a unique giant magnetic / writing surface in our Raw Kitchen for my wife who is a Raw Chef. The 6'x6' piece is a beautiful image of a raw onion captured by Diego and printed on tempered glass which has been treated to be both magnetic and writable. The Image is spectacular in its creativity and the application is highly functional, making it a truly functional work of art. Thank you so much Diego, we love it!

Michael Lyman

Project details

  • CLIENT: Michael & Bari Lyman
  • DATE: May 2015
  • TITLE: Bloom
  • SERIES: Culinary Paintbrush Series

Commissioned photograph to bring a spark of color to my client's kitchen. This is a custom 60sq in piece entitled "Blossom", from my Macro Photography Series: Culinary Paintbrush

Photograph printed in tempered glass. Built-in seamlessly into the wall. Bonus Track: The entire piece is a huge magnet and writing surface, perfect to place recipes and write little notes!